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    Welcome to the College of Pharmacy at Dongguk University

    Founded in 2011, the College of Pharmacy set its goal of (i) education future generations of clinical pharmacists who will serve as outstanding health care professionals, and (ii) developing global leaders who will enrich the future of pharmaceutical industry and the medical research fields. In order to achieve this goal, Ultimately, College of Pharmacy is dedicated to improve the national health care and also to build the healthy global community.

    Specialized education systems for nurturing talented pharmacists Specialized curriculums emphasizing clinical pharmacy and the systematic practical training programs carried out in multiple facilities including university medical center, general hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and research institutes will endorse fostering the competent clinical pharmacists who can serve the community at local, national and global levels. Various global programs including expanded exchange of scientific knowledge with internationally renowned scholars will promote establishment of the global standards for pharmaceutical education.

    Building the core technology for the new drug discovery an development Integrated Research Institute for Drug Development (IRIDD) in the College of Pharmacy will maximize our research capabilities by establishing core technologies necessary for the new drug discovery and development.

    IRIDD will play the trigger role in many areas of pharmaceutical researches through establishment of the academic-industrial cooperation network between BMCC and MediCluster in Goyang-si, and therefore, contribute to enhance the international competitiveness of the Korean pharmaceutical industry.

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    - Address : Dongguk University Biomedi Campus 32,
    Dongguk-ro, Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
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Name Picture Major Final degree school E-mail
Jung-Sook Cho 조정숙 Pharmacology State Unive. of
New York at Buffalo
Sang-Geon Kim 김상건 Pathophysiology Northwestern Univ. Medical School
Kyung-Hee Kwon 권경희 Social Pharm Philadelphia College of Pharmacy & Sciences Social Pharm
Hyo-Kyoung Han 한효경 Pharmaceutics Univ. of Michigan
Chang-Hoon Lee 이창훈 Pharmaceutical Biochemistry Seoul National Univ.
Kyeong Lee 이  경 Medicinal Chemistry Univ. of Georgia
Moo-Yeol Lee 이무열 Toxicology Seoul National Univ.
Seong-Hoon Jeong 정성훈 Pharmaceutics Purdue Univ.
Young-Woo Kim 김영우 Medicinal Chemistry Ohio-State Univ.
Won-Jun Choi 최원준 Medical Chemistry Seoul National Univ.
Young-Sam Keum 금영삼 Pharmaceutical Biochemistry Rutgers Univ.
Hee-Chul Ahn 안희철 Biophysical Pharmacy Seoul National Univ.
Choong-Ho Lee 이충호 Microbiology / Virology Northwestern Univ.
Young-Hee Choi 최영희 Pharmacology Seoul National Univ.
최창익 최창익 Clinical Pharmacy Syngkyunkwan Univ.
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