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The 9th place in the 2021 JoongAng Ilbo College Evaluation is th...

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The 9th place in the 2021 JoongAng Ilbo College Evaluation is the fruit of your sweat and toil

Dear beloved Dongguk family members!
This morning, I felt an auspicious energy that no one knew existed when I saw this year's first snow falling from the sky. Perhaps it was the harbinger of what's to come on The JoongAng Ilbo University Ranking announcement.
In the 2021 JoongAng Ilbo University Ranking, our university ranked ninth, the highest ever. This is a feat that all the Dongguk people wholeheartedly welcomed with concerted efforts under the motto of "Energize Dongguk."
First and foremost, let us all share full-on congratulations and encouragement with each other. This is a proud achievement and also a brilliant accomplishment that we have made. This is all the more meaningful and joyful in that this result was made possible by not just some individuals but by all of us believing we are all in this together.
A university is an organization where education, research, and administration are closely tied together. Behind the fact how Dongguk University, the complex organism, was able to enter the top-ten ranks for the first time in the history of the university ranking is because of the Dongguk members who are doing their parts, working hard to get things done in their respective positions. Thanks to the faculty members' endeavors for teaching and research and the staff members’ efforts on duties such as administrative work, today we were able to achieve the best performance ever.
The JoongAng Ilbo reported, "Dongguk University (Seoul) had been below the top-20 in the overall ranking until 2010 and has remained at around 17th since 2010. However, in this year's assessment, it was included in the top-ten for the first time based upon the rise in the ranking in the research category and the strengths of its students' job landing and start-ups."
While reading the news article, I reminded the time when I became the president first time. Our university was ranked 17th for four years in a row from 2016 to 2019. As I became president, I said I would aim for our university to be within the top-ten ranks in university evaluation, laying out the plan for the “Energize Dongguk” project.
The responses around me were not all as favorable as I had hoped. Many responded that it was too difficult to come true. Some cautioned that though that would be practicable, it would take a long time. But I did not give up. I did not doubt myself. I had a strong belief and conviction. I steadfastly believed in the power of "Dongguk" and the power of "us." I had a confidence that we would surprise everyone.
First, I laid the foundation. Going back to where it all began to realize the Dongguk University’s founding philosophy "Safeguard the nation through education” with a beginner’s mind, I focused on education itself, the base of a university. I built up a framework. To fulfill the responsibility of a university as a specialized research institute, I endeavored to bring some fundamental changes in turning Dongguk University into a research-oriented one through the "Energize Dongguk" project. Week after week with department chairs, I formulated and revised strategies over and over again.
The synergies between education and research has returned the amazing results we have today. Some may say this was a "miracle" while reading news articles. Nevertheless, all including myself are fully aware. What they call a "miracle" are in reality the sweat we shed, the time we spent collecting thoughts sometimes agonizingly, and all the efforts we cannot stop making.
Dear Dongguk family members!
I hope you enjoy the result to your heart's content and have fun with no worries, and from tomorrow, let us once again take a step forward to a new goal. Dongguk University made this year the first year of the second phase of building our university, with the launch of the University Rebuilding Advisory Committee, which was kicked off in April. Now, we have to move beyond "Energy Dongguk" to "Globalize Dongguk."
This would not be an easy road. This could be a difficult journey to overshadow the achievements we have made so far. However, let us not give up. Let us not doubt ourselves. If we trust each other and keep moving on, we will surprise the world again.
Let us walk together toward a new goal. Believing that Buddha's mercy will always be with us in our future, I wrap this up. Thank you. November 10, 2021
Palms together,
Yoon Sung Yee
President, Dongguk University