Korean Buddhist Research Institute


The Korean Buddhist Research Institute is one of the leading institutes of Dongguk University, and its mission is to make contributions to the creative development of Buddhist traditional culture.


In fact, KBRI contributes the establishment of Buddhist culture in various fields, not only Buddhist texts, history, arts, environment, ecology and social ethics, but also Buddhism-related modern culture.


To be of service in the internationalization era, KBRI's main functions will be to establish the identity and the future image of Korean Buddhism. This will be conducted through systematic investigation, providing various alternative proposals from Buddhist culture for the development of modern and future society.


Furthermore, KBRI hopes to make proposals for contribution to Buddhist study related with the theory and training of the mind. Also, KBRI will promote the study of mental health for modern people with the scientific method, pursuing a balance of mind and body.

The Direction of KBRI

  • Publication of journals on Buddhist studies
  • Publication of Buddhist academic accomplishments
  • Presentation seminars and conferences
  • Academic exchanges with centers abroad

Project I

Key Research Center supported by the Korea Research Foundation under the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development The purpose of this research center is to provide the study of modern Buddhism in Asian countries with a scientific basis to build a Buddhist identity, and further the countries' cultural identity.


To fulfill this assignment, this project will be divided into 3 categories. There will be sections on philosophical ideas, history, and finally on culture in Buddhism.


The first step of this research was already carried out, from 2006-2008. The second step will be an in-depth investigation into the proposed subjects covered within each section, which will be finished by the year 2011.

Project II

Translation of Complete Collection of Korean Buddhist Texts, supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism


This work is to support translation of Korean Buddhist literature(14 volumes). KBRI took the leading role in translation and publication form Dongguk University Press. This work will construct a foundation for the modernization and globalization of Korean traditional Buddhist culture.


The procedure will be divided into serveral stages. The first stage will be the correct and profound undersatanding of original texts, and the second will be translation in action.


The remaining stages will be annotating, proofing the translation, and indexing. The academic value of each projects will be given proiority in the decision making process for the order of books to be translated. In conclusion, thie work is to provide dependable and trusworthy translations with detailed notes.

Project III

· Journal of Korean Buddhist Research Institute

The Journal of the Korean Buddhist Research Institute has played an important role in systematizing Buddhist studies and in exploring new research fields. Starting from the first issue in 1963, it has been distributed to university libraries and research institutes in Korea and foreign countries like Japan, China, USA, Canada, Germany, France, and others.


· Translation and Annotation of The History of Korean Buddhism

The translation and annotation of The History of Korean Buddhism is indispensable research work for Korean Buddhist Studies. Unfortunately, Korean Buddhist records are scattered in several places, so they are not effectively used. Therefore, the institute plans to organize and interpret all the facts of Buddhism from the various records, and publish them a book.


· Research for original Buddhist texts

Since October 2000, the institute has been working on translation and interpretation of original Buddhist texts, i.e. Sanskrit, Pali and old Chinese texts, for the purpose of globalization of Korean Buddhism.


· Korean Buddhist Cultural Dictionary (English version)

This dictionary is to provide basic materials for translating Korean Buddhist history into English. It is being produced by the Institute for Globalization of Korean Buddhism.


· Korean Buddhist Cultural Dictionary (Korean version)

There are plans to publish a Korean version of Korean Buddhist Culture Dictionary around the time of completing the English version.


· Seon Studiese

The main purpose of this division is to provide research of Seon studies and its relevant sciences and publications.