Dongguk Life

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DISSA (Dongguk International Student SupportersAssociation)

The Dongguk DISSAProgram is supporters program for exchange students. The member of DISSA areKorean Dongguk students and they hold events for exchange students. The DISSAalso leads cultural experiences and holds campus events to help exchange students have time to interact. If you want to know more details, please refer to Instagram under below

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Buddy Program

▶ Conversation Buddy Program (Degree-Seeking Students)

The Conversation buddy program is a 1:1 buddy program which aims to help international students to improve Korean language proficiency and to adjust to living in Korea and studying at Dongguk.


A. How to Apply: Twice a year (March, September). Apply through u-DRIMS after semester starts.

B. Program Period: One Semester (Approx. 4 months)

C. Activity examples : Linguistic support, cultural guidance, information about life at Dongguk and Korea and more.

Student ID Card

Your Student ID Card is a multi-functional smart card. It can be used at the Central Library (to enter and check-out books), as a transportation card (bus, subway) and as a pre-paid check card (cafeterias, campus stores). If your card is lost or broken, you can make an issuance your new ID card at the Student Service Center (located on the 3rd floor of the Main Hall; Administration Building, 02 2260 8661) when you arrive on the campus. The required documents include:
- Completed application form for Student ID Card
- A copy of your passport
- 1 photo (3 X 4)


* For exchange students, international office will issue it with your picture received along with your exchange application and distribute during the orientation.

Student ID Card

Opening a Bank Account on campus

You can open an account in any bank in Korea. However there is easy access to Shin-Han Bank (02-2260-8989) which is located on campus. Those wanting to open a bank account are required to visit the bank in person. You will be given a bankbook in which all of your account activities are printed and a cash card with which you can withdraw money from ATM machines.

The required documents include: A Passport or a foreign registration card

※ Homepage: Shinhan Bank

Wi-Fi on Campus

Wireless is available anywhere on campus for students. Find a signal 'DGU-WIFI' and connect it with your Student ID# and password.

Food & Drink on campus

Students are responsible for purchasing their own meals. Students may buy their meals in one of the college cafeterias (Sanglokwon), or the many other restaurants around the university. Nearby bakeries have coffee and rolls for breakfast, and both pizza and Chinese food can be delivered to the campus or dormitory. Many meals cost as little as the equivalent of US$5. Most students can eat adequately with a food budget of US$400 per month.

Health Insurance & Medical Services

  • Operating Hours : Mon-Fri 09:00~17:00
  • Contact : 02-2260-3443
  • Location : Main Building 1st Floor
  • Must bring Student ID Card

※ Homepage: Healrth Promotion Center

Postal Services

You can send mail and packages at the post office located on campus (02-2260-8988). If you are living in the dormitory, incoming letters will be sent to your dormitory, but you will have to pick up big packages at the security office. Priority mail service, money transfers and express mail services such as EMS, DHL, UPS and other services are also available.

Convenient Facilities

We are currently operating various stores and student cafeterias for campus life convenience. There are bookstores, stationery shops, a photo studio, photocopy shops, an optical shop, stationery stores, convenience stores, coffee shops, a Burger King a hair salon and more.