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    Dongguk University has graduated more than 4000 students during the past 50 years, including many leading lights in the world of business. The vice president of Samsung Corporation, the vice president of Hyundai Motor Company, and the president of Kookmin Bank are just a few of those executives who began their preparations for life and career as students here.

    What our business school lacks in years we strive to make up for in ambitious development. Our present globalization drive is proof of our determination. For this, Dongguk Business School achieved AACSB accreditation in 2012, only five years after launching our accreditation preparation program. We continue to demonstrate our agility and strength in academic programs fit for today’s innovation-driven business world.

    Not content to rest on our achievements to date, we proclaimed in our 2012 vision ceremony that we will achieve top 5 ranking in Korean business programs in this decade, and rise to the top in the area of education and research too. Since that target was set, Dongguk University has raised 62.7 billion won ($61m) with the Business School contributing more than 1.2 billion won ($1.16m) from the vision proclamation ceremony alone. Through these raised funds, we will endeavor to become the business school to lead Asia.

    Come to Dongguk Business School. To become a leader for the future you could find no better home. Once you become part of the DBS family, you will engage in a well-rounded curriculum biased towards developing integrity. You will obtain knowledge in hands-on company management and learn of exciting developments in specific fields from our diverse faculty.

    You will be asked to contribute your thinking and skills in case analysis and discussion. You will be challenged to interact with international students in English in many classes. You will be provided opportunities for field experience within our comprehensive internship programs, or you can choose volunteer work programs for experience. At DBS, we wish our graduates to have opportunities to stretch out into the world. We will do our utmost to equip you – tomorrow’s leaders – with the international expertise and an ethical mindset demanded of you. Korea’s future is in your hands.

    Come join the DBS family.

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