Scholarship for Humanities & Sociology Field


Categories of Humanities & Social Science

Available courses

1. Master’s programs

2. Master’s & Ph.D. integrated programs

3. Ph.D. programs

Available courses

1. Successful Applicants via international admission

2. Applicants must graduate(or expect to graduate) from Dongguk universities or universities
(undergraduate or graduate school) 500th or higher ranked on QS world university rankings

- QS World University Rankings :

※ Those who graduated(or is expected to graduate) from universities other than above are not able to accept as a scholar.

3. Applicants who achieved GPA higher than 80% (if converted to percentage scale) or a grade that is equivalent to or higher than 80% for all years from the school(s) attended.

※ If applicant’s grade is difficult to convert into percentages, attachment of official explanation from the attended institution is required.

4. Applicants can apply for a department or a major in Humanities and Social Science fields only.

Scholarship Obligation

1. Students must publish 1 or more papers in KCI-level or SCIE-level journals as a lead author before graduation.

2. Students must maintain GPA over 3.5 each semester.


Scholarship students are exempted from all tuition fees and entrance fee

- Master’s and Ph.D. integrated : 8 semester / Ph.D. : 6 semester

Scholarship Application Procedure

Procedure Note
Step1 Application for Graduate admission for international students Admission guide (Click!)
Step2 Documents screening and interview
Step3 Become a successful candidate of Graduate admission to the university
Step4 Each Department will select eligible SRD scholarship students among successful candidates. -
Step5 Scholarship selection result announcement

Scholarship Obligations and Regulations

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