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Dongguk International Summer School,
A bridge between East and West
by covering a wide range of academic subjects

In presenting the Dongguk International Summer School, I am delighted to invite you to participate in Dongguk's extraordinary program of internationalization and interdisciplinary studies. Although your stay in Dongguk may be brief, I trust you will explore the rich opportunities combined with Dongguk's unique academics and tradition.

Dongguk International School covers a wide rage of topics including global economy & business, eastern & western culture, media, film as well as Korean language education.

Learning in our Summer School goes beyond the curriculum. Special lectures delivered by distinguished experts and various cultural activities will enrich your intellectual exploration in Korea.

As well, chosen from among our most outstanding Dongguk students, student counselor will serve as mentors and knowledgeable guides to the campus and surrounding areas. I trust you will also learn from tour fellow student: Students participating in Dongguk International Summer School come from high schools and universities around the world. We believe you will have a productive and rewarding experience at Dongguk.

Best Wishes.

Dr. Park, Sunyoung Dean of International Affairs
Professor of Department of Economics


Program Overview

Korean and International students will be able to earn credits during the summer vacation learning about Korean Media, Culture, Business, Humanities and Social Sciences which are the study fields that Dongguk University is renowned for. Also, this program will be enriched with a special study tour to learn historical & social backgrounds of Korea beyond the boundary of the classroom.

Dongguk International Summer School pursue its educational purpose to be

  • Multi-cultural bridge between East and West
  • Experimental halls of academe promoting comparative and interdisciplinary studies among professors and students
  • High value experience through hands-on learning, field trips and diverse cultural excursions


  • Best Location: Located in the heart of Seoul! Students can easily travel anywhere in the city with 2 metro stations around the campus
  • Affordable Courses: The student has the option to choose a course based on credit hours rather than the entire fixed fee program.
  • Themed courses reflecting Dongguk’s academic strength: We offer theme courses focused in Dongguk’s academic strengths, not large number of non-unique courses
  • Medium Program Size: To ensure program quality, we try to keep the program size in medium