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Welcome to the Dongguk University College of Law! Dongguk University began offering a curriculum in legal studies in the Faculty of Political Science and Economics in 1949, a year after the enactment of the Korean Constitution. This later became the separate College of Law in 1953 and has developed and thrived with over 5000 graduates through its LL.B., LL.M. and Ph.D.


programs.Located in the center of Seoul, the college is geographically privileged. Teaching approximately 600 undergraduate and postgraduate students, the Dongguk College of Law trains students to be prepared to go wherever the law leads them around the world and into any fields about which it is concerned including economics, environment, public policy, public service and other fields.


Students will enroll in a well rounded curriculum to learn legal principles involving case studies as well as clinical programs such as moot court, and visiting prisons in order to acquire a broad and basic knowledge and perspective of law as well as understanding the function of the legal system. We offer a rigorous and interdisciplinary professional education that blends the study of law with humanities.


For this purpose, the College of Law operates the Institute of Comparative Law and Legal Culture.

Vision of Legal Education

The Dongguk College of Law is dedicated to the highest standards of excellence in legal scholarship and to training lawyers equipped with diligence, honest and rational minds as well as the moral nature needed to help solve the problems of our community and the world.


Based on the conventional categories of legal education, Dongguk College of Law is open to more advanced and specialized courses to help students acquire the broader and more responsible legal reasoning that our community requires. There are now 17 fulltime faculties in the College of Law. All of these faculty enthusiastically research and teach in order to pass on academic wisdom to their students.


With 8,250 square meters in area, the Law Building boasts 4 stories in which there are research labs for professors, lecture and seminar rooms, a moot court and a law library. In addition, there are discussion rooms for group studies and law student organizations.


Graduates of the Dongguk College of Law can become judges, prosecutors, practicing lawyers, public servants, businessmen, or legal scholars. Our graduates make a great contribution to the development of Korean society; among them are many high-ranking judges including a constitutional justice, practitioners and leading scholars.


At the Dongguk College of Law, there are also rich and diverse career opportunities for graduate students. We prepare graduate students for any professional role they might choose including; legal practice or legal education, entrepreneurial ventures, international private or public law practice, corporate practice, government service, alternative dispute resolution including arbitration and mediation, or work with non-profit organizations.


While postgraduate law degree holders achieve many different things in their careers; they all take with them the analytic skills cultivated during their years at the graduate school. New legal fields concerning labor law, international transaction, social security, transnational tax, intellectual property, and environment are also emphasized in order to improve basic skills and knowledge necessary to adapt to future society.


Professional legal knowledge is very much required for those who work for the government administration, politics, corporation management, etc. Recognizing that the law is related to social development, we train our students with the following objectives: to grow their global legal mind; to understand basic principles of law; to face practical needs of law.


For this, the Dongguk College of Law provides innovative curriculum related to practical use. Special courses focus on legal writing, counseling and debating. They allow students to adapt themselves into practice efficiently.


Some lectures are focused on bar examinations to produce lawyers in both domestic and international community.


Introduction to Law / General Principles of Civil Law / Constitutional Law / Criminal Law, Contract / Property Law / International Law / Anglo-American History of Law / Anglo-American Law / Legal Philosophy / Commercial Law / Administrative Law / Criminal Procedure / Corporate Law / Civil Procedure / Family Law / Constitutional Law Practice / Labor Law / Criminal Policy / Criminal Law Practice / International Trade Law / Laws of Checks and Bills / Civil Law Practice / Criminal Procedure Practice / International Law Practice / Labor Law Practice / Social Law / Korean Legal History / Private International Law / Administrative Law Practice / Law of Marine Insurance / Law of Economics / Intellectual Property Law / Law of Banking / Law of Information / Commercial Law Practice / Social Security Law / Tax Law / Environmental Law / Civil Procedure Practice / Consumer Law / Electronic Commercial Law / Law of Science and Technology.

Postgraduate Law Program

Law has been a critical part of society since ancient human history. At the same time, law reflects the present and future because it rules human beings¡¯ activities as a social animal.

Therefore it is important, while studying law, to have rational and philosophical viewpoints of human behavior and be opened to other fields.

The Dongguk University College of Law awards LL.M. and Ph.D. degrees in law.

Postgraduate Legal Education offers various programs such as legal philosophy, analysis of general law and special law to produce innovative and well-rounded reasonable thinkers and doers who can contribute to leading the future world.

The case study method has also been adopted in the postgraduate program.

In addition, the Dongguk College of Law has a Professional Graduate School of Law with various programs including as American Law, Cultural and Art Law, Legal Practice, and Monetary and Financial Law.

The Institute of Comparative Law and Legal Culture

Dongguk University is the first in the nation to establish a specialized institute for research of comparative law.

Since the Institute was founded in 1999 we have held a wide variety of academic symposiums. Since 2000, the Institute became an official research center of the university.

The Institute mainly analyzes the legal systems of countries such as the United States, Taiwan, China and Japan from a comparative point of view.

We aim to increase and develop legal utility and legalization via interaction with other research institutes sharing common interests, through academic seminar and conference.

Respecting profound Buddhist virtues, the foundational spirit of Dongguk University, we are trying to address global legal issues concerning Buddhism and publish our outcomes in journals and symposiums.

This is an important grounding that distinguishes the Dongguk College of Law from others in the nation.

Student Activities

There are a number of student organizations in our law college. Students need the opportunity to get involved in extracurricular activities.

Extracurricular actibities are a good steppingstone to building future alumni bonds between our students. These activities include not only academic mentor and mentee programs to create an efficient learning environment but also sports programs.

Particularly popular are the basketball team (GSG), baseball team (Law Breakers) and Soccer team (FCFL). All of them are good enough to win championships at nationwide university competitions.


Name Picture Major Final degree school E-mail
Sang-Young Lee 이상영 Civil law Albert-Ludwigs Univ. Freiburg
Dong-Wook Kang 강동욱 Criminal law Hanyang Univ.
Min-Young Park 박민영 Administrative law Sungkyunkwan Univ.
Hee-Won Han 한희원 Public law Indiana University School of Law (IUPUI)
Hun-Jong Lee 이훈종 Commercial law Hanyang Univ.
Jong-Pill Byun 변종필 Criminal law Korea Univ.
Sung-Hae Cho 조성혜 Social law Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms Univ. Bonn
Sang-Kyum Kim 김상겸 Constitutional law Albert-Ludwigs Univ. Freiburg
Bong-Seok Choi 최봉석 Administrative law Leibniz Univ. Hannover
Chang-Ryeol Choi 최창렬 Civil law Sungkyunkwan Univ.
Do-Hyun Kim 김도현 Basic law Seoul National Univ.
MI-Young Oh 오미영교수 International law Kobe Univ.
Kyung-Jae Kim 김경제 Constitutional law Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Univ.Bonn
Kye-Won Seo 서계원 Intellectual property Seoul National Univ.
Yong-Joong Lee 이용중 International law Erasmus University Rotterdam
Gyeo-Cheol Lim 임규철 Law of Science and technology Trier Univ. 과
Seon-Yeong Park 박선영 Constitutional law Seoul National Univ. -

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