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Dharma College

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    Purpose of General Education

    With broad and balanced understanding about the intellectual and artistic heritage of mankind, assist students to realize the nature and culture where they belong to and grow as liberal, tolerant and creative people thinking independently and doing self-reflection by themselves.

Aims of General Education

DU's General Education Program is designed to serve the following aims:

- Cultivating general intellectual ability and skills needed for academic performance in university.

- Enriching general knowledge beyond students' majors

- Fostering linguistic and cultural ability to become a global citizen in 21C.

- Developing abilities to identify and follow through on problems and reasonable solutions to problems.

- Building up leadership qualities and self-discipline reflecting DU’s values.



Name Picture Major Direct Number E-mail
Kun-Wu Nam 남근우 Folklore +82-2-2260-8929 kwsam@dongguk.edu
Jin-Hee Park 박진희 History of Science and Technology +82-2-2260-8926 minerba64@naver.com
Eun-Suk Seo 서은숙 Oriental Studies, Multicultural Studies +82-2-2260-3189 ses87@dongguk.edu
Yung-do Yun 윤영도 Phonetics and Phonology +82-2-2260-8616 yungdoyun@dongguk.edu
Gee-Bok Go 고기복 International Law,
Human Rights Law
+82-2-2260-1682 kibokgoh@hanmail.net
Yun-Jae Kang 강윤재 Sociology of Science +82-2-2290-1677 kangyunjae@gmail.com
Gap-Su Kim 김갑수 Physical Chemistry +82-2-2260-8595 molpro@dongguk.edu
Seong-Ok Kim 김성옥 Doctrine of Buddhism +82-2-2290-1679 stone0308@hanmail.net
Yun-Kyung Kim 김윤경 Modern Literature +82-2-2290-1679 kyunkyung@dongguk.edu
Jin-Suk Nam 남진숙 Modern Literature +82-2-2290-1674 jindog1@dongguk.edu
Yun-Rak Son 손윤락 History of Philosophy +82-2-2290-1677 classique@daum.net
Sang-Ho Lee 이상호 Development Economics +82-2-2290-1631 lsh09191@naver.com
Song-Yi Lee 이송이 Child and Youth Welfare +82-2-2290-1638 songyilee@empas.com
Won-Seok Lee 이원석 Oriental History +82-2-2290-1631 lws3904@hanmail.net
Yun-Gil Jeong 정윤길 English Literature +82-2-2290-1630 totochung@hanmail.net
Ji-O Kim 김지오 Korean Language +82-2-2290-1632 mugunamu@dongguk.edu
Eun-Kyung Choi 최은경 Korean Language Education as a Foreign Language +82-2-2290-1866 ekchoi@dongguk.edu
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