Institute of Comparative Law and Legal Culture


This Institute aims at rendering services to increase the utility of Korean laws and to create a law culture by doing research of theories, policies, and practical works of the law in general, by making comparisons of the law systems and cultures of other countries, and by having interchanges with academic societies, research institutes, and other laboratories in and out of the country.


Its major jobs are: to do research; to hold seminars and publish research results; to carry out several services regarding the laws and law consulting for the general public; to open a lecture of the laws; and to give support for student research activities.


It has published 2 volumes of ioJournal of Comparative Law¡± and an independent book of ¡°A Study on Maintenance and Compensation of Physical Education-Related Law¡±; has completed a consignment research of maintenance and compensation of physical education-related laws; and held several local and international scientific forums.