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Over the last decade, Korea has witnessed dramatic increases in the demand for and scholarly interest in translation. Against this backdrop, the Translation Studies Research Institute (TSRI) was established in 2008 within the Department of English Language, Interpretation and Translation. As one of Dongguk University¡?s principal research institutes, it provides both high-quality translation services and a forum for discussion about the recent developments in the discipline of translation studies.

Anslation Services

The TSRI provides our clients with top-quality translation services (between Korean and English) at reasonable prices, thereby assisting them in overcoming language barriers effectively. Our translators are highly experienced in translating a wide range of texts, including academic papers, brochures, pamphlets, essays, news articles, and research materials. We also offer proof-reading services by highly educated native speakers. If you are interested in our translation services, contact us via the channels below.


Research is at the core of our activities in the TSRI: it informs our practice, shapes our teaching and supervision, and guides our strategic development. We work closely together to stimulate our thinking and to gain new perspectives: our approach is strongly co-operative within the group and also outward-looking through our extensive network of research contacts and participation in conferences and symposia.


The TSRI is a body of translation researchers, professional translators and postgraduate students. We help translation researchers share information on current developments in the discipline of translation studies, while providing the students with an opportunity to exchange views about translation. To further promote communication and dialogue on research accomplishments, we hold translation seminars for postgraduates on a regular basis and biannual conferences for full-fledged researchers.


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Translation Studies Research Institute B355, Manhaegwan

Dongguk University 26, Pil-dong, Chung-gu, Seoul, Korea


Tel: +82-2-2260-8657