Institute of Information & Telecommunication


The Institute pursues activation of research in the field of information and telecommunication, positively unites advantages of the relevant majors in the University, activates their potentialities, accepts software and hardware as research areas, provides more systematic support for research, and then, renders services to development of the University and society.


It is composed of the president, the research committee, and 8 divisions (multimedia information processing research, parallel & distributed processing research, software engineering research, high-speed & satellite communication research, venture creation of information business, CALC/EC research, high-speed telecommunication semiconductor element/circuit/system research, image communication, and data processing & information protection research). Its major activities are: to hold academic forums regarding information & telecommunication; to do consignment research of information & telecommunication; to provide technical training; to publish a collection of theses; to do research and development through educational-industrial cooperation; to hand over technologies to the small and middle sized companies.


It has brought about remarkable results - holding 6 academic forums, doing 29 consignment research projects, publishing a collection of theses regarding information & telecommunication, and construction of educational-industrial cooperation with 31 companies, and to name a few, the specifics are as follows:

Academic forums

This Graduate School aims at cultivating subjective, self-aware and creative top management of public administration for the future who have ethical character and qualification as leaders, by teaching and researching academic theories and practical application methods of the social science like society, politics, diplomacy, and military, and by developing the ability of actual work and decision-making. Through this, it seeks to make contributions to the development of society and of nation, and also to play a key role in services for the nation and mankind.

  • Special seminar in commemoration of opening of the Institute in May 1999 (under the theme of "Advanced Countries Depend on Resolution")
  • 5 technical seminars (under the themes of "Robust Non-Coherent PN Code Acquisition for Wideband CDMA Communication Systems", "Introduction and Trend of Public Key Infrastructure", ¡°Trend of the Security Software Industry", "Scalable Enterprise Framework for Design and Manufacturing Process", "Next Generation Internet Service", and ¡°Index Development for Information & Telecommunication Policy and Scientific Meetingi±)