Millimeter-wave Innovation Technology Research Center


Young and ambitious professors and researchers from 11 prestigious universities in Korea founded Millimeter-Wave Innovation Technology (MINT) Research Center to take a key role in the information-based society in the 21st century. MINT is devoting all its energies into accomplishing its objectives to develop world class scientific technology, to challenge the worldwide market of the millimeter-wave based application field (such as electronic museum, remote treatment system, and electronic newspaper utilizing the high-quality imaging service), and to cultivate competent engineers to lead this field.


Technically, the present goal of MINT is to develop parts and modules for MIMIC (millimeter-wave monolithic integrated circuits) - based cable communication and to perform research on the application technology of the cable communication system.


The center researches the core technology of various elements that stably operate in the band of over 100GHz to be used for cable communication service of high quality in the 21st century, and also the technology of designing and manufacturing the elements-integrated MIMIC.


It seeks to develop modules of millimeter wave-based cable communication modules and to obtain advanced technology of multimedia transmission through implementation of cable communication systems.


Ultimately MINT expects to play the leading part in: advancing scientific technology; developing its industry and the economy; and encouraging other universities in Korea to put more of their energies into researching the millimeter - wave elements, MIMIC modules, application of high-speed cable communication, and also into educating their students.


In addition, MINT will position itself as the key research insititution in the field of millimeter-wave elements, MIMIC, wideband cable communication multimedia system, and image processing of high quality, and, further, as the important educational organization through which people can obtain advanced technology.


The center has equipped itself with top class facilities: construction of environment to manufacture ultra-microscopic semiconductors; 50 nm patterning electronic beam equipment and package process of semiconductors; construction of environment to measuring RF and millimeter - wave; operation of 75 Ghz measuring instruments; construction of the designing system for millimeter - wave elements and circuits; pure room; labs; and equipments for research like 4 - point probe, CD measurement, E-beam evaporator, E-beam lithography system, Ellipsometer, ICP-RIE, Mask aligner, Optical microscope, PECVD & sputter system, Probe station, RTP, Spin coater 1 & 2, Surface profiler, Thermal evaporator, Thin film analyzer, Wet station, C-V analyzer, HP 4156A DC parameter analyzer, HP 8510C vector network analyzer, Millimeter-wave source 1 & 2, MS2668C spectrum analyzer, Noise figure meter, Power meter, and Probe station.