Institute of Education


The Institute aims to strengthen the international competitiveness of the government and public / private enterprises by doing theoretical research of the economy, management, trade, and accounting, by analyzing real problems that they face in business, and then by proposing practical solutions.


Its major works are: research of trend analysis for EDI standardization and of the personnel rating system and the information system diagnosed by Human Resources Development of Korea; consulting of ways to standardize electronic documents; set-up of a master plan regarding the future direction of system introduction; research of the price top limit by reorganization of the electric-power industry; research of KJ investment system; development of the operating model for the highest level of information system and its testing application; consulting of system development for electronic commerce of the precious metals; research of changes in the American labor union¡-s attitude for the group result rating system; prospect and forecast for job demands regarding information technology; management¡?s role for settlement of the labor - management culture in the 21st century; case study of Corning¡?s cooperation between labor and management; review of business plan of constructing a golf course in Namyangju city and research of its propriety; supply of services for the Korean Highway Corporation¡?s construction of resource management; supply of services for foreign financial capital raising; mid- and long-term strategy for introducing the system of analyzing economy of the environmental policies; research of ways to develop the announcement system for accounting; research of the development direction for the universal service system; research of legislation for general countermeasures regarding weather change contracts.


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