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    “Korea: A New Multicultural Society sharing Common Asian Tradition”

    With globalization and migration of diverse peoples around the world today, Korea too is becoming a multicultural society true to its name where people from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds and their families occupy more than 3% of its population.

    The complexities that come from the diversity and difference of cultures, ethnicities and traditions have naturally given rise to new types of issues and social challenges, and the key to a harmonious integration lies in better understanding and continued communication.

    The migration population particular to Korea shares a common Asian tradition that expands not only territories but also history and time, making Korea a unique and new case of multicultural social integration.

    The Institute for Migration and Multicultural Integration at Dongguk University was established with the goal to focusing learning and research to answers questions that arise in the process of achieving harmony in such a complex new society.

    Areas of Research:

    • The Multicultural phenomenon in Korean society
    • Multicultural Integration from the perspective of Asian tradition
    • Regional studies
    • Development of Multicultural Integration Policy Index in Korea and other regional countries
    • Collaborative research on Korean studies
    • Joint research with university members of the ASEAN University Network (AUN)
    • Education in a Multicultural Society: Development of training programs and materials for education of teachers and educators
    • Migration and mobility of ethnic Koreans in Russia, China and North Korea
    • North Korean defectors
    • Development of programs to foster experts in Multicultural studies
    • Multicultural Integration and the Media
    • Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship in a Multicultural Society
    • Migrant labor
    • Inter-cultural marriages and family
    • Citizenship in a Multicultural Society

    Based in Dongguk University which boasts a history of over a decade-and-century and where the new and the old meet -- from the latest science research to traditionally renown Asian/Korean cultural and religious studies, our Institute looks forward to expanding its areas of studies and research with the goal of realizing a harmonious multicultural society.

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The Institute for Migration and Multicultural Integration is organized as follows. (see Organization attached)

  • Advisory Board
  • Steering Committee
  • Student Council
  • Research & Planning
  • Program Implementation
  • Project Development
  • External Cooperation

Research & Planning

The Research and Planning Team is composed of Administration, Research Planning, and Student Council Relations. Administrative work includes setting up MOU’s and other initiatives with academic institutes. The Team is in charge of not only actively participating in research and other academic initiatives with other academic institutions but also hosting conferences and seminars. The Team also oversees the drafting and publication of academic works within the Institute.

Program Implementation

The Institute is currently involved in programs and projects with different government agencies and organizations. The Social Integration Program under the jurisdiction and administration of the Ministry of Justice are programs for foreign residents in Korea. The Program Implementation Team is in charge of overseeing some of these programs. The team also carries out Korean Language Programs as well as Inter-cultural Marriage Counseling with the ultimate goal of multicultural integration. The Team is also in charge of implementing Training Programs for Seoul City.

Project Development

The Project Development Team is in charge of initiating development programs with different government agencies. Some of these programs are initiated by the respective ministries for which the Team submits proposals. Some programs demand new development and the Team focuses on maintaining continued dialogue and communication with the different ministries and also pertinent organization for these. The Team also works with organizations in the private sector including corporations, smaller businesses and also social enterprises.

Public Relations

The Public Relations Team is divided into Domestic and International Cooperation. The Domestic Cooperation Section is in charge of promoting better relations with pertinent agencies and the promotion of the Institute domestically. The Section is also in charge of seeing operation of public relations including the website and other promotional materials. The International Section is in charge of initiating relations with pertinent international institutes to carry out joint projects and researches. Particular emphasis is placed in relations with regional universities including the members of the ASEAN Universities Network and other agencies that focus on migration and multicultural issues.

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Eunsook Seo - Director
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Beckhee Cho - International Relations Manager


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