Institute for Naturial Science


The Institute aims at developing and promoting research programs and activities for the basic sciences, biomedical sciences, agricultural sciences and applied sciences.


One of the major roles of the Institute is to coordinate the interdisciplinary research cooperation among professors and scientists, and another is to provide the maximum support and useful information in the administrative implementation for the desirable academic achievements and activities. In addition, the Institute also has been actively involved in raising research funds for young talented scientists and has been making every effort to train them up to the academic level comparable to the international standard.


During the past 6 years the Institute carried out a number of important research projects granted by several institutions such as The Ministry of Education, Korea Science and Engineering Foundation, Korea Research Foundation, Rural Development Administration, Ministry of Labor, Atomic Power Hospital Research Institute and other private sectors throughout the nation.


To stimulate and exchange academic interest and information among academic communities, the Institute publishes one or two newsletters annually and sponsors or organizes international or domestic scientific meetings, symposia, special lectures and colloquia. In a new millenium the Institute is in the process of building up one of the most prestigious research centers in the world, fostering young talented scientists and making significant contributions in scientific communities.