Research Institute of Biotechnology


Dongguk University Research Institute of Biotechnology(DURIB) is one of three University-Wide Research Institutes. DURIB was established on 19th Dec. 2006 based on the vision that biotechnology will be the main stream of 21century.


The aim of DURIB is to improve health and welfare of the human through collaborative research between researchers in the fields of natural science, engineering and medicine and to enalbe easier transitions from research to practical application of the research findings in collaboration with industries.

DURIB consists of 4 subordinate institutes for research

· Center for Medical Research

Center for Medical Research was established for the basic researches to support high-quality medical treatments, and also for the cultivation of our university's hospital with worldwide competition capability and high-quality expert manpower and facilities. In the future, improvement of clinical technology and industrialization will be achieved by the cooperation with excellent companies and other research institutes.


· Center for Wave Energy Bioactivation Technology

The WEBIT establish a wave biotechnology as an interdisciplinary science by developing screening techniques of effective waves that affect diverse bioactivation. With this comprehension, bioprocess development and the elucidation of biomolecular reaction mechanisms of wave energy will be conducted. In order to achieve the objective of developing a new growth dynamics for the next-next generation of Korean bio-industry using wave energy in biotechnology, the WEBIT will conduct the research and development in three phases:

  • phase 1 : to achieve a core platform technology (2007-2009)
  • phase 2 : to develop application technologies and evaluate their effectiveness (2010-2012)
  • phase 3 : to promote the commercialization and globalization of wave biotechnology (2012-2015)

· Center for Advanced Collidal Materials

The purpose of this center is to assist the development of colloidal test products. For these purpose, this center will provide services such as various analytical measurements, quality control tests, and pilot test as well as technical educations and information. With these services, this center will try to strengthen the technical competitiveness, localize the products and develop high value added functional colloidal products.


· Center for Biotechnology Research

Center for Biotechnology Research dedicated to biotechnology research from basic studies for the fundamental understanding of life phenomena to applied studies such as the developmet of novel functional biomaterials and integrated biotechnology.

International research Activities

DURIB held The 1st International Mini Symposium at March. 25th, 2009. under the title of "Wave Biotechnology". to broad human network of highly qualified researchers and to exchange knowledges in Wave field.